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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Soulwax/ E-talking

World-renowned as two of the most eclectic live acts, both Soulwax and 2ManyDJs' shows have been notoriously high energy, mashing every type of dance music they can get their Belgian mitts on from the likes of Aphex Twin's infamous Windowlicker and Major Lazer's Pon De Floor to Donna Summer, accompanied by mad eye-popping real time visuals.

  • Over the years do you feel there has been a particular progression over how your sets as 2ManyDJs?
Soulwax: In our sets we mainly play out things that are the new tracks that we have been listening to. The thing with our sets is that we never really been attached to any genres… the whole thing is what we like and we don’t really understand when something fits into set genres like tech-house, to techno, it’s all dance music. It’s about playing lots of music that we love that works with a big crowd for us….

  • So is there anyone you’d like to get together and be collaborating with here?
Soulwax: No… not into collaborations – there are too many in the world. Like remixes, it’s just for the names involved and not enough about the music. Sometimes it’s good but not for the moment we’re staying away from all that.

  • When will you be getting back into the studio?
Soulwax: We’ve been working on our Radio Soulwax project for the last year and a half… it’s like 24 compilations, each with different music and visual theme which will be available through a free internet radio station, we’re nearing the end…

  • How did the idea of Radio Soulwax come about?
Soulwax: We’d made a compilation and it was a surprise how much of a success it was… it wouldn’t make sense to do another at this point though, to release another mix compilation and put it on the shelves… the world has changed so much since then, it wouldn’t have made a similar impact.

  • What happened to the Nite Versions?
Soulwax: We were thinking about doing more, but nothing’s planned at the moment. Then we want to do our next album with two different versions…

  • As your live shows tend to be so visual, have you looked into the idea of utilising 3D technology for them?
Soulwax: We looked into this for our next shows but we came to the conclusion that what makes it [our shows] cool is that it’s so 2D. Once you make it 3D it loses it special touch, like we may have the right people to be using the right technology, but we haven’t had the right project yet.

  • What are you most looking forward to next?
Soulwax: Launching Radio Soulwax

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