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Friday, March 11, 2011

Taylor Jacobson/ Any advice for breaking into the fashion industry?

Taylor Jacobson landed on the fashion scene as the sassy, impeccably-dressed, no-nonsense stylist assistant from Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project. But after four years of working with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, the Los Angeles-based Taylor is making her own way, styling on a number of movies and commercials and working with a host of private clients.
  • How did your denim collaboration for Kasil come about?
I was working with Kasil on a photo shoot and met their publicist, who thought I might be a good fit for the brand. I was introduced to the creative director and it grew from there. The ultra-skinny Minx and trouser-y Geek styles are my two favorites.
  • What's fun to pair with jeans as we head into fall? 
For fall, the color camel is huge. Wear jeans with oxfords, a little button down shirt with short sleeves, or shrunken blazers. It’s kind of like prep school meets garage band.
  • You're an L.A. girl — did The Hills accurately represent Los Angeles style?
All the girls on The Hills are super cute! They were always wearing cute tops and great jeans with Louboutins and a Chanel bag. They were super stylish and I think that’s a fair representation of L.A.
  • Do you have any tips for back to school dressing?
Get a great blazer because you can wear them with skirts, leggings and a long tank top, or with jeans, or over dresses. A great black blazer will last you all year round. You can roll up the sleeves in the summer. Your blazer can be from Gap or Neimans, you don’t have to blow all the money that you’ve worked hard on.
Also get ballet flats in a fun color — a red, hot pink, or royal blue. If you usually dress conservatively, you can add a fun kick of color in your shoe area.

  • Who are your favorite young designers?
Kimberly Ovitz is super cute. I also like Cheap Monday, even though it has been around for a while, and Life/After/Denim has really great guys stuff.
  • How do you get your hair so wonderfully blond?
Ha! I bleached it for four years but it takes a toll after a while, so my hair’s starting to break and fall. I used to get it bleached every three weeks, so maybe don’t be so neurotic and go every few months instead. I also put a lot of baby powder in it. I walk around with mini baby powder bottles in my handbag, and it makes your hair so much lighter.
  • Any advice for breaking into the fashion industry?
You have to have the will because it is cutthroat and it is not glamorous and it is a difficult industry to be in. Start interning immediately. Figure out where it’s happening in your town. Find out where the local playhouses are and see if their wardrobe department needs help. Work in a clothing store and learn how to put outfits together and make people feel good about the way they dress.
  • Your ex-boss’s new show premiered this week. Are you going to watch it? Do you miss it?
No and no. And no. And no. And no. And no.

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