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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uffie/ Electropop and Fashion

  • You could start by telling me the origin of your name. Is “Uffie” your birth name?
Ah! Uffie is the nickname actually my dad gave me. “œuf” is an egg in French, so that somehow turned into Uffie before I can even remember.
  • You are currently in Paris, but where did you grow up?
I was born in Miami actually, I moved to Hong Kong when I was four, and then I moved back to Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale. Then Connecticut, then Missouri for a while, and then Paris when I was 15.
  • You’ve been there for awhile then. How does Paris compare to any of the other places you’ve lived?
You can walk everywhere, which is nice. The food’s amazing. It just really has a slower pace, everyone enjoys life here. They take their time, long dinners. It just has really calm vibes, and there is always something to do, always an exhibition happening. It’s a very good balance.
  • So how did you get into rap from that childhood?
I started listening to a lot of hip hop when I came back from the US to Hong Kong. And when I started making music, I was friends with DJ Feadz, and he was kind of pushing me to do vocals for him, so I wrote “Pop the Glock”. And things just kind of went crazy from there!

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