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Monday, May 16, 2011

B. Heart/ Iracema Trevisan's Scarves

Can you introduce us to your collection of scarves?
B.Heart is a small intimate collection. The project was born from the idea that a scarf can be worn like a necklace. This idea evolved to something hedonistic, easygoing like a conversation between friends. This first collection includes 6 items in different editions and I wanted to have it online right away, so that people can buy it wherever they are.

Where does the name B.Heart come from?
After I left CSS for fashion I used to say I was following my heart to the question “Why?”, so for my personal website I got the domain I liked the way you write it in the keyboard but French people can’t say it – it’s like “The Rural Juror” episode of 30 Rock - so I had to choose just one heart, a bold one. Bold Heart became B.Heart for further simplification.

What inspire the mix of geometrical and animal/palm prints in your scarves?
I love bold graphics and I’m crazy about the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. It is a strip of a dense forest that used to line all our coast, there is a part of it still preserved by the beach were I go for vacation. So I started working with impressions of forests of palm trees and a “graphic” animal, the zebra. The graphic designs were in part born of the elements I wanted to integrate in the scarves, that is the bubbles and the chain.

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