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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daehyun Kim/ Moonassi

Daehyun Kim, also known as Moonassi

was born in Seoul, South Korea, 1980. He attended the College of Fine Arts, 
Hongik University, where he studied traditional Korean art. Besides painting, he is inspired by ancient eastern phiosophy like Tao and Buddhology. 
In addition to his studies, he worked as a graphic designer and motion graphic technician for the design agencies. After he finished studies, he began to show series of drawings with two human figures via his website and through continuous group exhibitions. In 2010, he published an art book with his fourty-eight drawings by the design studio, where he is used to cooperate with, and had his first solo exhibition at BrainFactory gallery in Seoul. 
Daehyun lives and works in Seoul.

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