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Monday, August 8, 2011

Peregrine Honig/ From Castro With Love

1. Foreign Birth and Induced Birth
2. Sweet Puke and Tinkerbell
3. Bird Milk and Porn Birth
4. Donkey and Pig

Last night i was zapping through the channels so bored when i stopped at "work of art" on Foxlife, and Peregrine, one of the competitors, immediately caught my attention.
I turned on my laptop and I started surfing, looking for her portfolio.
This is only a small part of his work, you can find the rest of his paintings and projects here!

Peregrine Honig (born 1976 in San Francisco, CA) is an American artist whose work is concerned with the relationship between pop culture, sexual vulnerability, social anxieties, the ethics of luxury and trends in consumerism. 

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