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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alice Dellal/ Quote: "Do it tomorrow."

Her style / She called it "foregone", because she has the same look for years. But it’s her hallmark.  
"I do not care much about trends."
Zoom / Born in London she moved in Brazil when she was a child and then returned in Britain at eleven years old, where she attended Bedales School in Hampshire.

"Every time I come back from Brazil, I feel a bit 'more Brazilian." 

In London, successfully completes courses in Art, Cinema and Photography at Mander Portman Woodward College. Starts her modeling career in 2003, and in November of that year appears in the pages of Vogue Paris, portrayed by Mario Testino, her godfather. 

"When i was seven years old I saw my reflection in a mirror and thought: Wow! I’m incredibly beautiful!" [Nylon Magazine, October 2007]

Alice has a sister, Charlotte, and two brothers, Alex and Max: Charlotte, shoe designer behind the label Charlotte Olympia, is planning her wedding, scheduled for May 2010, Alex is a gallery manager, known to the gossip columns to be Charlotte Casiraghi's boyfriend, Max is a student.
Passionated about music, she is the drummer of Metal Thrush, a band formed by Isabella Ramsey, Laura Fraser and Emma Chitty, both models. "Playing drums is my workout." Soon the group will release the first single.
She has a pierced nose and several tattoos, including a scorpion under her breasts, a pair of scissors and a shark on a hand, a skeleton half-length on one arm.

"Put high heels, put a nice dress: sometimes it's funny."

She doesn’t leave home without the inhaler for asthma and house keys.
In public / There's no distinction between her public and private style: "I always wear shorts, even during the coldest days. With tights, of course."
Shoes and Bags / She wears Charlotte Olympia shoes, NPS, DR.MARTENS, Creepers and Reebok.
"I never go out with a bag." If she really needs it she uses a backpack.
Jewellery / She wears Dominic Jones creations, loves gothic jewelry decorated with studs and spikes.
Hair / "I like a shaved head or very long hair." She combined both styles.
Style Council / "Do not try more than one outfit, infact you'll end up always wearing the first thing that you've worn."
Her icon / Wendy O. Williams.
Favorite dress / "A short Alaia dress, tight, black, that was my mother’s, then my sister’s, then mine."
Favorite designers / Charlotte Olympia, Dominic Jones, Pam Hogg, Azzedine Alaia.
Favorite Music / Punk, metal, drum'n'bass, dance hall.
Favorite Food / Chocolate and bacon.
Favorite drink / Ribena (non-alcoholic drink made with fruit juice).
Favorite Movies / Lolita by Stanley Kubrick, Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese.
Favorite TV Series / Californication, Desperate Housewives.
Favorite Book / Charles Bukowski’s books.
Quote / "Do it tomorrow."
Good habits / "I'm organized, I finish what i start and eat vegetables."
Bad habits / "I don’t answer the phone and i’m not able to get rid of the stuff: I hate to throw away even the smallest things."
Likes / Loud music, drumming, classical dance, sweets, Brazil and England.
Dislikes / Lies, ignorance, losing something.
Hearts / Take photographs, collect items, salty licorice candy and licorice Fruit-tella.
When she wakes up ... / "I read the calendar to see what i've to do every day." 
Before sleeping ... / "I brush my teeth and write my diary."
Twitter / "I don’t use Twitter or Facebook, but there are people who pretend to be me, so do not add me because it’s not me."

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