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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Volta Footwear/ Instant classics

Volta is aimed at creating and marketing “instant classics”. Volta Footwear is the first brand line, launched europe-wide at the beginning of 2008.
Taking inspiration from the “classics” of footwear, Volta created a comfortable hybrid between sneakers and boots, designed and crafted to become part of our daily life. One-style-only, unisex, affordable, the first-born mid-cut shape was called Classic. When the challenge is to redefine and actualize classic standards based on people’s needs nowadays, Volta’s mission will be carried-on through seasons and trends.
That is how, in 2009 Volta Boot was designed and launched; not only a further developement of the Volta Classic signature shape, but also a new, strong statement on the “sneakerboot” concept.
Volta footwear is available in selected shops and department-stores worldwide and has been featured in several national and international magazines and websites.

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